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Earlybird Holiday Gift Guide

Earlybird Holiday Gift Guide

Author: Featured Creator

Writer: Robyn Fadden

If you like to get ahead of the holiday shopping game and have been squirreling away gifts since last Boxing Day, you probably still have a few people on your holiday gift list that turn you into a last-minute shopper. Why are they so hard to shop for, year in and year out? This year, Fujifilm Printlife is stepping up to the challenge with you, helping you find something different, personalized and fun for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life.

Teenage memory making

You might be scratching your head this season if you’ve got a teenager on your list, whether a niece or nephew, younger cousin or sibling, or even your own kid. Teens might seem like a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but you can’t go wrong giving them something that they can experiment with and make their own.

A ‘90s throwback that’s also ultra-trendy right now with younger generations, film photography (yes, real film!) and single-use cameras put spontaneous creativity in teenage hands. A simple point-and-shoot film camera or single-use QuickSnap camera lets them capture fun times with friends, school trips, and could even spur a photographic art project – or a lifetime love of photography!

Whether you order the QuickSnap online or buy in-store, the whole camera is made to be easily mailed in – if you add an envelope to your gift package, they can just place the camera in that, print out a label and take to the post office! Within about a week, they’ll get gorgeous prints to add to their bedroom bulletin board or give to friends, along with downloadable digital images for texting and sharing on social. Simple and inexpensive, single-use film cameras help teens create memories they can hold on to.


Youthful abundance

We all know a child who already has enough toys – what do you get for a pint-sized someone who seems to have it all? Whether they’re your grandchild or your best friend’s kid, they might just want a variation of the same toys they love or are hoping for something different under the tree this year.

A brain-teaser and a memorable moment in one, customizable photo puzzles will have kids concentrating on putting together a picture of their family, their pets, a silly face they made for the camera, or anything you’ve snapped a great photo of and think they’ll love in puzzle form. From 30 pieces for little kids, to 110 pieces for older kids, and 520 and 1014 pieces for ambitious kids and helpful parents, photo puzzles offer a unique twist on a favourite holiday gift.

Or for older kids who are getting into card games, add their photo, family pics or images of their favourite band, video game or anything else they love to a deck of playing cards. For younger kids, design a colouring book that’s truly all their own. No matter what their age, they’ll probably love the fun of a sequin pillow cover that reveals a photo of their favourite pet or pastime among the sparkling sequins.

Bringing up babies

Figuring out what to give new parents in our lives seems like it should be easy, but they’ve likely already been inundated with baby-related gifts and don’t have the time or energy for new gadgets, books or games. Why not give them something that parents and baby can all enjoy now and in the years to come?

If you’re close family or good friends, you have probably accumulated photos of your new-parent friends over the years and now their new baby too! Gather those photos together in a one-of-a-kind photo book of them before and after the baby’s birth. Or put together a classic calendar to commemorate the year their child was born and keep track of adorable, funny moments as they happen.

Add a baby or family photo to “baby’s first” personalized blanket – a cozy gift to snuggle up under in winter. Or create a unique metal ornament or glass ornament for the tree, something you could follow up every year. A keepsake that’s also useful and fun, a customized growth chart will help parents keep track of their baby’s rapid growth once they’re standing up – it’ll happen faster than they know!

Holiday family ties

Giving something special to your in-laws can be a challenge, whether you’re close with them or not. They might already have everything they need, so give them something that’s all about family bonds and those meaningful moments. Or opt for turning their last vacation into a memory that truly lasts.

Keep it classy to match your in-laws’ decor with framed prints of the family, grandkids, themselves as a couple or even their pets – anyone or anything they love! If they love original art, add artistic flare to those images or precious vacation photos by printing on canvas. Always a classic, framed or canvas prints capture memories in an elegant way that they’ll love.

If you’re not sure what pictures to print, go through your photos past and present to find a shared experience, from something as simple as a backyard barbeque to the magic moment they helped their grandchild start walking. When in doubt, ask your partner if they have a photo their parents love but haven’t gotten around to framing yet.

Love that for you & me

Choosing gifts for your significant other should be easy, but it rarely is. Sometimes the person closest to you can be the hardest to shop for! Beyond socks, sweaters and cool gadgets, you want to give them something special that they’ll look at and think of you. Do you both love to go hiking or cycling? Have a shared joke or saying?

Remind your partner of your love with a set of matching mugs for coffee or tea – extra perfect if your significant other drinks coffee all day long! Or turn the romance up with matching wine tumblers. To create a unique gift that’s sure to be the first they reach for in the cupboard, pick a photo of the two of you, a photo of yourself and your partner, or a phrase that reminds you of your love.

For something a little different, opt for a colour-changing mug that reveals a photo as they sip. That photo could be of you, a hilarious image of the two of you or a funny saying – anything that brings a laugh or a smile to their face. And if your spouse is always misplacing their keys, perhaps a personalized keychain with your picture on it will remind them to keep their keys close, just like you.

Work-life balance

Some co-workers absolutely deserve a holiday gift. Maybe you work side-by-side all day or maybe you drew their name for secret Santa this year. Either way, there’s no reason you can’t make their gift a thoughtful one.

When it comes to use value at work, a notepad ranks high on the list. Make it special with a photo of you and your co-worker in a memorable work moment or at a holiday party. Or you could scan one the family photos on their desk and add it to a notebook or desktop calendar that will add brightness to their day all year ‘round.

For co-workers who love to joke around, choose something even more lighthearted like personalized socks emblazoned with a funny photo of them or their pet. Their feet will be cozy and they’ll get to show off their special socks to everyone at work, adding more smiles to the workplace!


Make your holiday shopping easier this year – and make sure your family and friends love their presents! – with personalized Fujifilm Printlife gifts for even the toughest folks on your list. You can even save money this season too! Right now on certain Fujifilm Printlife items, including Photo Books, Puzzles, Socks, Ornaments, Blankets and Calendars, Canvas Prints and Greeting Cards.

Happy Holidays!