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Fujifilm Printlife on display at Origin Cafe Exhibition

Fujifilm Printlife on display at Origin Cafe Exhibition

Author: Featured Creator

Now until September, 40 images from Take Your Seat's global expeditions will be on display at a Toronto coffee shop that doubles as an art gallery. Our chair speaks to One People. One Planet. One Life. That message of unity and environmental responsibility remains even if none of us are able to travel to see for ourselves how the world is connected.

At Origin and Take Your Seat now bring that world to you. We chose Fujifilm's metal prints for every photograph.
The combination of quality printing, modern, sophisticated look, size options and low cost makes them our definitive choice for all of our shows. From major exhibitions in Tokyo, Hong Kong and here in Canada, Fujifilm's metal prints have been integral to everything we do. We invite you to come see shots from our expeditions to Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan and Canada. You can even take a seat in our director's chair.