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Designing a Gallery Wall with @Cest.vendredi

Designing a Gallery Wall with @Cest.vendredi

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Putting up a gallery wall can be a daunting task. Trust me - I know, because it literally took me 5 years and a second child to put up mine! Here are some of the tips and tricks I have learned to get me motivated.

If designing a wall is what is holding you back, keep it simple. Above my bed, I knew I wanted to have two portraits of my girls and two pieces of art of my girls. I kept it simple by choosing large frames in the same size to fill up the space. This is probably the easiest gallery wall you can do, and it will work on the larger wall spaces in your room, like above your bed or in your living room. After completing my gallery wall, this has by far become one of my favorite places in my home to photograph my girls!

I also wanted to do a gallery wall on the stairs. I actually found a set of frames that come with templates depending on where you would like to hang your printed photos. This made it so easy and took out a lot of the guesswork. I also made sure there was plenty of wall space to continue to add to this wall as my girls grow older.

Once you have decided on your layout, it’s time to select and print your photos using FUJIFILM Printlife! I made sure to put all my photos in a specific folder on my phone so I could easily access the photos I wanted to print. I then made a note on what size I wanted each photo printed in, depending on which frame they would go in. Then all you need to do is upload the photos from your folder into the FUJIFILM Printlife website and order your prints! Using their website is so simple and easy too!

When your prints have arrived, it’s time to put them up on your wall. Lay it out on the floor to make sure it is exactly to your liking. If you happen to have a template, use that and mark the area as to where your photos will go. The template also helps to make sure they are evenly distributed on your wall. I suggest hanging your prints with 3M strips which work great on framed photos and canvases. This makes it easy to fix any photos that might appear a bit crooked. Using a leveler will help make sure your photos are straight. Once you’re done, it's time to admire your memory wall. Printing your images is so important because you actually get to see them every day. I cannot wait to add to my current wall as my girls grow and to see how much they have changed!