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Unique personalized gifts that fit every budget!

Unique personalized gifts that fit every budget!

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The time is here… The gifting season is upon us. No matter how many years go by and how many times you tell yourself you’re going to be better prepared this time, coming up with the perfect gift for each and every individual person can still feel like a struggle. For me, the realization that often the most precious gifts are the ones that are intrinsically unique to every person has made the whole process much easier.

The other great thing about personalized gifts is that they don’t need to break the bank. You can shop within your budget and still find perfectly suitable, wonderful gifts for everyone on your list. 

Gifts Under $20

1. Merry Mouse Pads

As someone who spends a lot of time at the computer, my personal favourite personalized gift has to be a mouse pad! With the shift to working from home, a lot of people on your list could probably use a little boost for their new home office. No one’s mouse pad should be boring, especially in their own home!. I love these mouse pads because they’re easy to customize to anyone’s tastes—and you know they’ll be put to use every day! You can take this gift one step further by including the mouse pad in a personalized bundle or a fun office gift basket. 

2. Delightful Cloth Face Masks

I know what you're thinking: another face mask? Last holiday season, a face mask quite literally would have been the last thing on anyone's wish list. Times have changed, of course, and new face masks seem to be on everyone's wish list! I know how hard it can be to find the perfect mask to pair with your outfits; that's why I stick to customizing them. I might be accused of taking my outfit-and-mask coordination a bit too seriously, but I love it! When it comes to designing these masks, the sky’s the limit for creativity. I’ve even seen people edit a picture of the bottom half of their face right onto their masks—trust me when I say, it's genius and makes for a great laugh. 

3. Cheery Calendars

We all have people in our lives who are always organized, never miss an appointment and have their calendars planned weeks in advance. I for one, am not one of those people. But I count many of them among my friends and family. If you know someone like this, then a calendar is the  perfect gift for them because it lets them plan the year right from the start! But not just any calendar will do: a personalized one full of favourite pictures and memories is both useful and  meaningful. 

Quick tip: You can create a calendar that’s kind of like a vision board for that goal setter in your life. For each month, include a picture of a destination location, a goal you know they have in mind or a saying that this person wishes to embody. It’s a great way for someone to manifest their dreams, all year long. 


Gifts Under $50

1. Festive Photo Books

I don’t know if there will ever come a time when photo books aren’t a perfect gift to give and receive. No matter how advanced our digital technology gets, there's still something special about holding a physical version of your photos. Photo book sizes range from 4x4 all the way to 9x12. My favourite way to design them is to give each page a theme and add up to four photos in a creative collage style. 

2. Creative Coasters

Almost everyone I know uses coasters, but not very many people think to give them as holiday gifts. I love personalized gifts that you can keep around the house, but ones that you can enjoy with other people when they come to visit are extra special. This gift is perfect for that coffee or tea enthusiast who loves nothing more than a perfect cup in the morning or is known for serving up incredible lattes whenever guests come over. Pair these coasters with one of our best-selling mugs and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift set.

3. Wonderful Thermo Water Bottles

Thermo water bottles are a useful and quality go-to—I might just have to give one to myself this holiday season! They’re durable, safe and keep your drink perfectly cool or warm for long periods of time. Whether you’re getting one for a fitness junkie, a camping enthusiast or minimalist friend who always seems to have a reusable water bottle on them, you’ll know this gift is going to be loved and put to good use!


Gifts Under $100

1. Blissful Blankets

You can’t go wrong with giving someone a soft and cozy blanket that they can use all winter long, but if you want to spice up this classic gift, think about making it personal. Designing a personalized blanket with someone's favourite family photo, a photo of their kids, a pet or anything you can think of turns a blanket into a gift that someone will keep near and dear to them for years to come. And they’ll think fondly of you when they cuddle up near the fire on a night in. 

2. Fabulous Framed Prints

I believe almost every photo is worth printing, while some stand-out photos just cry out to be framed. You know the ones. The photos that you can’t stop looking at because they capture the spirit of your subject so perfectly or the lighting and angles simply awe you. That photo deserves a frame! This gift is also perfect for that aspiring photographer in your life whose amazing work deserves to be highlighted: it’s a great way to showcase someone’s accomplishments and tell them that you admire their skills at the same time. Their photo in a gorgeous frame will never fail to remind them of that. 

3. Awe-Inspiring Aluminum Prints

A glossy, brilliantly hued and high-def luxury print for that special someone? Yes, PLEASE! Aluminum prints just have a way of showcasing photos in a new  light. Their expensive and lavish look is unique in itself, but a personalized touch makes it feel even more precious. Sizes range from a charming 6x6, for shared memories and keepsakes, all the way up to an impressive 24x36 that is sure to light up any room. 

No matter who’s on your list, personalized gifts are the way to go to show you care this holiday season. For even more personalized photo gift ideas, choose from the wide array of products available on I have no doubt that you’ll find something perfect and perfectly surprising for everyone. Happy Holidays!