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A Guide to Matching Printlife to Your Home Life

A Guide to Matching Printlife to Your Home Life

Author: Featured Creator

Writer: Robyn Fadden

What do you do when you’re happy with your home decor style, from your kitchen table to your couch, but something’s still “off” about what’s on your walls? It’s time to get personal. Decorating with your own photos and prints is an ideal way to make sure every inch of your home reflects your style. Whether your home decor style is crisp and modern or laid-back and maximalist, you’ll find customized Printlife decor that fits right in. 

Match modern style with metal prints 

A home arranged precisely with angular lines and streamlined shapes won’t settle for just anything up on the walls. If you’ve chosen a modern style with a neutral palette – and pops of colour for variety – opt for Printlife’s metal wall art. A sleek alternative to traditional prints, metal prints add a touch of architectural elevation and play off the colour in your space. 

Design recommendation: Metal prints with bright, bold colours and shapes inspired by Pop Art or Cubism. Or showcase your best colourful photos: think sunsets from your favourite vacation, tulip fields from your trip to Amsterdam, Mardi Gras parades, and other amazing memories. 

Elevate eclectic decor with canvas accents 

When your home brings together several design styles, mixing traditional with modern, mid-century with boho, you know you’re eclectic. Your unique tastes open up a wide world of wall design options. Add a few more special pieces to your decor with canvas prints that spark just as much joy and offer a versatile way to express yourself in your own way. 

Design recommendation: Canvas prints of photos that not only fill a gap in your vision of a perfect gallery wall but remind you of good times with family, friends or even pets. Or opt for canvas fine art prints with bold, organic strokes that will have everyone wondering whether they’re a print or a real painting!  

Balance industrial edge with gallery vibes 

Walking into your home is a lesson in industrial chic, where exposed brick walls and metal ducts highlight carefully chosen clean-lined furniture or retro conversation starters, like a branching metal chandelier or a cozy hanging egg chair. In your open-concept space, gallery-style art really is at home, like Printlife’s plak-it® ready-to-hang non-glare laminate plaques. 

Design recommendation: A moody urban landscape or illuminated night-scene photo on plak-it® plaques will make your space feel like your very own art gallery. Add black-and-white portraits and prints of artist’s sketches for a casual-meets-polished gallery vibe. 

Pair mid-century modern with timeless prints 

Your home is full of stunning, understated furniture and decor that offers a glimpse into your personality. Warm and muted colours with wood accents create a welcoming space that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Add Printlife’s personalized framed prints to your collection for a timeless, elegantly simple way to showcase your favourite photos.  

Design recommendation: Frame your fondest memories with friends and family in smaller prints to complement larger frames of abstract art and minimalist compositions. Add a touch of nature with framed prints of plantlife and other organic shapes. 

 Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you love – and your walls are no exception. Printlife is here to help you express yourself and fill your home with images that are truly meant for your space. Shop all Printlife wall art products at Fujifilm Printlife.

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