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9 Inspiring Ways to Display Your Travel Photos

9 Inspiring Ways to Display Your Travel Photos


Author: Louise Dickens |  17th September 2017

We take more photos now than ever before, especially when we go on holiday.

Travelling to a new country is an exciting experience to be remembered and cherished. And yet, more often than not, we come home and are quickly thrust back into the realities of daily life, and work. Our travel photos usually don’t make it off our memory cards and smartphone, adding to an ever-growing digital archive.

But not anymore! Now it’s easier than ever to get your photographs printed, and there’s plenty of creative options instead of your average photo album. Check out these 10 alternative ideas below, and start surrounding yourself with the memories that matter…

1. Photo book


Tell your stories through your own personalized photo book, the ultimate upgrade to traditional photo albums. Photo books give you the flexibility to arrange your photos any way you want, offering a truly personalized display.

2. DIY Wall Collage


Create your own DIY wall collage. There are a few ways you can do this, but we particularly like these framed prints arrange around a world map!

3. Picture Tag Display


This DIY minimalist travel display idea is both beautiful and unique. Write your favourite memory from each place you’ve visited on a luggage tag and pin to a large world map print – genius!

4. Photo Calendar


Look forward to a year of memories by making your own calendar. When you come home from a holiday, it doesn’t take long before it becomes a distant memory. With a calendar, each month will be a look back at the fun times you had, keeping the memories fresher for longer!

5. Shadow Box


If you tend to keep ticket stubs and postcards as well as photographs, consider using a shadow box to display your grouped memories.

6. Hanging Mobile


This DIY photo hanging display is simple yet so effective. You could create a different hanging display for each of your holidays, adding shells for beach holidays or ticket stubs for city breaks.

7. Memory Jar


A collection of memory jars look great on your windowsill. This is an easy way to save your favourite memories from a special holiday or trip.

8. Photo Collage


Can’t choose which photos to frame? Use them all to create a stylish collage. This is a good choice for using any smartphone photos, which sometimes can only be printed in smaller sizes due to their resolution.

9. Travel Bookcase


If you’ve got more than just a few souvenirs from your travels, this DIY travel-themed bookcase is the perfect solution!

Think you can do better? Share your creative photo displays with us by using the hashtag #myfujiprints