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What are the recommended file types I can work with?


In most cases, JPEG image files are all you need to print images, from regular-sized photos up to poster format.

  • JPEG: Most cameras capture and record .jpg (JPEG) files. This is the most common file type.
  • RAW: Many cameras can also record RAW image files. These files can contain additional image information. However, the files are quite large, and require a computer and software to be able to view and process to JPEG or TIFF.
  • TIFF: These files are larger and contain more data. They’re used to create large photo prints — bigger than the size of a poster. Typically TIFF images are converted from RAW.
  • HEIC: Newer iOS devices use a “High Efficiency” file format. While this does reduce the image file size, there are not yet many options for viewing HEIC files