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I have many older photos, slides and negatives I'd like to get transferred to my computer. Can this be done? How?


There are a few ways to digitize photos, film negatives and slides:

  • Professional photo scanning services: (Recommended) Rely on professionals to digitize your photos or convert slides to digital and return your negatives/slides to you for archiving. Professionals can also colour correct your photos. These types of services will result in higher quality images.
  • Smartphone apps and accessories: Using a commercial app or accessory will give you the lowest quality results and may limit print sizes if you want to print pictures from your digitized images.
  • Household scanner: A home scanner will provide excellent quality images for your negatives and slides. However, This method requires a very technical configuration to ensure accurate colours and the highest possible image quality.
  • Digital camera:

Using a digital camera to digitize your images will provide very high quality results but it is the most expensive DIY setup. This process requires a high resolution interchangeable lens camera with a high quality macro (closeup) lens.