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5 ways to make your living room Pinterest Perfect

5 ways to make your living room Pinterest Perfect

Author: Featured Creator

Is it just me or is everyone designing a minimalist-yet-trendy home these days? The web is flooded with images of beautifully curated homes, all pieced together like an elaborate puzzle. I for one am still figuring out how to put that puzzle together in my own home. Learning to design and decorate while fueling your creative side is harder than it seems, no matter how many inspiration pictures you pore over. I mean, we can't all be interior designers, right? But we sure can try!

Here are five fun and easy ways to transform your living room into the space of your dreams—even when you don't know where to start.


1. Add a Pop of Colour to Your Space

"Plain white walls are the way to go," they said. "It's classy," they said.

What they forgot to say is how difficult it is to decorate those white walls and bring life to the room. If you're anything like me and went with white walls in your living room and muted furniture to complete the theme, it’s high time to add a pop of colour to the situation. Colours bring life and warmth to a room you're meant to find comfort in. Bright green brings a hint of the outdoors inside and instantly elevates the aesthetics of the room. Nature prints like these are perfect for creating a lively, wholesome and Pinterest-worthy space—no one can ever call your white walls boring again!


2. Soften a space with black-and-white prints


For spaces with a bold colour scheme, black-and-white prints are the way to go. Complementary to most colours, black and white adds simplicity to what might otherwise overwhelm the eye. Dark walls can be notoriously hard to work , yet prints like this can dramatically shift the look of your living room without distracting from its overall tone. Steer clear of adding too much decor noise to your bold walls: let a simple black-and-white painting do all the talking instead. So if you're ready to paint that accent wall or entire room in your favourite bold colour, go for it! Just don't forget to add an "easy on the eyes" painting to tie it all together.


3. Simplify with Symmetry by Using Grids

If you have a hard time decorating because you're afraid that all your great ideas will just make your space look busy or messy, you're not alone. I'm here to tell you that you can still decorate with all your favourite new and old pieces: it’s as simple as symmetry. Start by creating symmetry on your walls with a grid-like layout for your photos.  Whether you’re arranging six photos or a dozen, a grid creates a neat, aesthetically pleasing look. Use frames in the same colour—your choice!— to create even less distraction and blend with the entirety of your room.


4. Don’t fear Contrasting Colours

Most of us have dreamed of a dark accent wall, whether it’s trending or not. Don't let that little voice in the back of your head tell you that this trend is over; the truth is, it’s a timeless classic. A wall like this one, says you're a bold individualist or a trendsetter yourself! While these intense colours can seem intimidating, they’re a great way to accentuate hidden features in your home or distinguish one space from the rest. Make sure to pair these bold walls with muted and subtle accent colours, such as this navy blue and baby pink combo.


5. Bring your look together with Collage

I didn't mean to leave the best for last, but I think I just did. Collages are almost as classic as accent walls! They’re also one the easiest ways to piece together different frames and sizes to make your prints look like they naturally were made to go together. Not only does this wall make your living room Pinterest-worthy, but it also screams confidence. If this wall could talk, it would tell me you're not afraid of trying something new.