Want That Pinterest-Worthy Living Room?

Want That Pinterest-Worthy Living Room?


Here’s how:

Living a minimalistic, yet trendy life has been all the craze in 2019. Decorating your home in a minimalistic yet creative way has been hard, especially when you can’t figure out just what to put in your living space. Here’s 5 easy ways you can transform your living room into your dream space! 1. Add the colour green to your space

Especially on a white colour walled with muted coloured furniture, green brings comfort and warm to a maybe colour lacking room. It instantly elevates the aesthetics of the surroundings in the room. Prints like these are perfect for creating a much more wholesome space.

2. Black and white print


For spaces that have more overwhelming amounts of colour, black and white prints can really change up the look of the room, without bringing too much cluster to what’s already going on in the living room.

3. Symmetry using grids

Using picture frames and proper cropping, a grid-like layout for your photos can create the illusion of neatness, while having a clean background. This is great as you still leave enough white on the wall to keep things minimalistic.

4. Contrasting colours

What if your wall is too bold? Well you can always match bold with a more subtle accent colour, like this navy blue and baby pink combo. The prints also incorporate the same colours to make everything look more unique even though the wall is just navy blue.

5. Collage

How long have we been making collages for? Collages are the easiest way to ensure everything gets put in a place and fits perfectly together. Here’s a great black and white example of a picture frame collage.