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The Most Original Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

The Most Original Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

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Although you have all year to show those in your life how much you love them, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make them feel extra special. However, it can be hard to come up with original gift ideas that aren't cliché or predictable. That's why we at Fujifilm Printlife have compiled a list of some of unique Valentine's Day gifts, whether you hope to get something for a romantic partner, your friends, your child’s teacher or even your pet! 

For your Significant Other:  

We recommend starting with a personalized card to contain the thoughtful and sincere message you plan on writing to your sweetheart. Although arguably the most important part of your gift, it can be such a challenge to find the perfect one! Perhaps you’ve been together a long time and you have already given your partner all the best ready-made cards out there. Or maybe you’re in a new relationship and aren’t sure whether they prefer something funny or heartfelt. Lucky for you, we have over 20 Valentine’s Day-themed greeting card templates for you to choose from and personalize to your heart’s desire!  

Now, onto picking out the gift itself. Almost all our products would make for a fantastic Valentine’s Day present, but to help your decision-making, we have narrowed down some of our most affectionate options. For someone who tends to prefer a cozy night in, consider printing some pics of the two of you on a plush fleece blanket! Available in both 50x60 and 60x80, you can even get one that’s big enough to share during movie night!  

Matching photo mugs or wine tumblers are always a great way to tell your partner how much you enjoy something as simple as sipping a nice drink together. Not to mention, we have over 10 love-themed templates to make designing the perfect pair of drinkware a piece of cake! 

Then finally, for a partner with a packed schedule and who is always on the go, a personalized keychain is a fantastic way to send your love along with them whenever you’re apart! 

For Your Friends 

Of course, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples! Whether you plan on having a Gal-entine’s party or just hanging out with your best buddies, the love we share with our friends is just as special and worthy of celebration!  

Those personalized wine tumblers we mentioned also come in 4-packs, making them a great group gift option and a fun way to spice up any cocktail party! If you’re looking for something wearable or a little more on the silly side, print a cute photo of you and your pal on a pair of socks! With 25 different colourways as well as a variety of themed templates, you can tailor them exactly to their liking. Finally, although it may be a little too chilly to use just yet, a custom picnic blanket for you and your friends is a lovely way to say that you look forward to future times together, come warmer weather.  

For Teacher 

This time of year is also a great opportunity to give your little one’s teacher a token of appreciation for all the time and effort they put into helping their students learn and grow. Print your class photo on a desktop plaque or notepad, so they’ll have something practical, yet special to look at when they need a smile during any late-night grading sessions. 

For Your Pet 

Last but not least, your fur baby needs a Valentine’s day treat too! Celebrate the bond you share with not just any old toy, but a new pet bowl, collar or bandana designed tastefully by you. Your pet will be sure to give you extra snuggles knowing you’ve gone the extra mile to give them something stylish! 


We hope this list has given you some inspiration for all your Valentine's Day gifting needs! It's a day to express love in its many forms, and we are here to help with a wide variety of ways to do just that. If you need any extra persuasion, you can now get $20 off our 50x60 and 60x80 blankets, as well as 25-30% off all framed prints, canvas prints, drinkware and greeting cards! Most importantly, be sure to order by February 5th, 2023 to ensure delivery before February 14th