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Plain Walls? 7 Easy Wall Art Ideas for Renters

Plain Walls? 7 Easy Wall Art Ideas for Renters

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Author: Louise Dickens | 27th October 2017

The worst thing about renting is being surrounded by empty walls. You could hammer a nail in the wall to hang your large framed photo, but is the hassle/fear of hiding the damage from your landlord when you come to move out worth it?

In Canada, many rental homes feel temporary. We live in an environment where we strive for ownership, and many people try as hard as they can to purchase a property.

However, is this perception slowly shifting? The increase in housing prices has made it harder than ever for first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder, and many of Toronto’s and Vancouver's inhabitants have come to accept that they’ll never be in a position to buy.

Whether this will remain true or not, the Canadian rental market is bigger than ever with available properties being snapped up faster than you can say “we’d like to book a viewing”.

And landlords can be pretty tough when it comes to what you can and can’t do. Many disallow nails and screws in walls as standard and will require you to ask permission if you want to paint in a colour of your choosing.

But we believe that your living space should reflect your style and be a place that you feel happy and comfortable in. That’s why we’ve put together this list of renter-friendly wall art and decor ideas…

 Command Strips

Command strips are basically velcro strips that are designed to hang your frames to the wall with no need for nails. The best part? They are removable and don’t damage the paint/plaster in any way!

Wall Art Example

It sounds too good to be true, but after using them in my own home I can confirm that they are actually magic. If you want to create a gallery like the one in the image above, read this post by Pretty Providence.

Some people have found other ingenious ways to use command strips, including hanging tapestries/fabrics.

Easy DIY Origami

With a little bit of creativity, it’s easy to create your own dramatic-looking DIY wall art with basic materials – like coloured card!

Wall Art Example

This 3D paper mount mural is extremely effective but super easy to achieve. All you need is coloured card and masking tape!

 Removable Wallpaper

You’d probably eliminated wallpaper from your options at the very beginning, but removable/temporary wallpaper is an easy alternative – and it looks just like the real thing!

This versatile wallpaper can be used in a number of ways to add colour and personality to your home, including stairs and furniture as well as walls.

Wall Art Example


Washi Tape

Originating from Japan, washi tape is a low-tack decorative masking tape. It’s perfect for creating abstract, geometric wall art. I even used it to create this ‘masterpiece’ in my old flat:

Wall Art Example

And yes, it really did come off easily with no marks! In my new place, I’ve also used washi tape to display some of my favourite photos:

Wall Art Example

While I’ve gone for the ‘minimalistic’ look, don’t be afraid to create more elaborate designs – you can go as big and bold as you dare! Check out these 10 wonderful washi tape ideas for some inspiration.

Wall Art Example

Tile Stickers

Fed up of living with those ugly tiles in the bathroom/kitchen? Tile stickers are the way to go!

Wall Art ExampleSource 

Simply peel and stick over your original tiles to completely transform your room. There are hundreds of designs available so you’re bound to find some to suit you.


Folding Screen

Okay, so folding screens are a bit of a throwback – but they come in all sorts of shapes and styles, and you can ever have a go at making one yourself.

You can use them to add colour and texture to a bare-looking space, and can even use them as a place to hang your photos, like in the photo below.

Wall Art Example


Oversized Mirror

Want to make your small space look bigger? Invest in an oversized free standing mirror. This can also help to make lighten your space by reflecting the light if you place opposite a window.

Wall Art Example


What do you think? Share your renter-friendly tips in the comments below, and follow us on Pinterest for more home inspiration.

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