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My Top 3 Favourite Gifts for the Holidays!

My Top 3 Favourite Gifts for the Holidays!

Author: Featured Creator

For some of us, the holiday season can go from peaceful to stressful in the blink of an eye, especially when we’re still missing a few check marks on our gift-giving list.. If you want your holidays to be less about last-minute shopping and more about filling your life with joy,laughter and the people you love, then it’s time to simplify your gift giving. What better way to do that than to give personalized, lighthearted presents that not only say “This was made especially for you” but “You can't regift this one.” 

If you’re approaching a dead end when it comes to gifting this holiday season, these three simple gifts are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Not just any pair of socks 

I’m  almost certain that each and everyone of us has unwrapped a pair of socks during holiday seasons past, whether whimsical novelty socks from an old friend or a wooly homemade pair from your grandma. There's a good reason for that: socks are a must! But sometimes they can feel like an afterthought.  It’s high time to take sock gifting to the next level. That’s right: customizable socks! Not only are these socks warm and durable, but their circle cut-out designs are the perfect way to include a picture of a favourite time together or a place you love to visit. My go-to idea with friends and family is to include a memorable photo that instantly reminds the receiver of a great inside joke we share. Not only do you both get a great laugh out of it, but a good story to retell. 


A mug of a different colour 

Giving mugs during the holidays is a classic move for a good reason: it’s an easy go-to gift with a ton of variables. Fill the mug with someone’s favourite chocolates or teas and you’re good to go! The best part about this colour-changing mug is that at first glance it appears to be simply a nice black mug, though nothing to write home about.  But once you pour a hot beverage into the cup, it slowly reveals an image hidden underneath. I love these sort of gifts because not only can you choose a meaningful or hilarious picture, but you might even get to try the mug’s magic out with the person you're gifting it to. The suspense is fun and the reveal is even better!


Playing cards that deserve a hand

Card games during the holidays are a great way for family and friends to bond, whether you’re playing Crazy Eights with your cousin or poker with your card shark best friend. I think it's safe to say that we all know that person who seems to always have a deck of cards ready to go. Or maybe there’s an aspiring magician in your life? Well, this personalized gift is perfect for them! This year, I'm giving these custom cards to people I know who love a good family game night. Throw in one of Printlife’s customizable puzzles and you’ve got the perfect game night package.