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7 Reasons Why You Should be Printing Your Photos and How

7 Reasons Why You Should be Printing Your Photos and How

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Author: Aneta Alaei · This post is in partnership with Fujifilm Printlife and all thoughts are our own.

Do you remember how excited you got when your parents, grandparents or extended family got out the huge stack of family photo albums? It’s this feeling that drives this post and why I am sharing 7 reasons why you should be printing your photos, and how. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing Your Photos and How

I loved flipping through the books and seeing my family and myself when we were younger. These photos were often blurry, with one person always not looking at the camera, and sometimes black and white but they were our history and they were something we could hold and look at with no need for charged phones or computers. They were tangible proof that moments happened and we existed. We need to preserve the practice of printing photos for many reasons but let’s start with this list.

  1. Your Tech Can Fail – I have around half a million photos on my computer right now. You too? Some are backed up in clouds like Dropbox, iCloud and Outlook but those can go down at any time. No matter how up to date your technology is it can always go down or break. Phones Break. External hard drives break. Storage cards fail. The oldest printed photos are still around today!
  2. It’s Easy to Get the Shot – In today’s age, it is so easy to get a good photo. Cell phones are more camera than phone nowadays and with the ability to shoot multiple photos to “get the shot” you can really put your best foot (and face) forward. Take the shots and print the best ones. Last month we went on vacation we finally got a shot where all six of us were facing the camera that we got it printed on a canvas. My husband was so happy when it showed up because I am notorious for not putting photos up.  
  3. Print for Future Generations – Even if you are not printing to display in your home you should be printing so that your grandchildren and so on will see what their parents and grandparents looked like. Plus, they will get to see how life was and in twenty years it will be so, so different. Print the pictures.
  4. Great Gifts – I would love it if someone gave me a personalized gift made with an image of a great memory we had together. Fujifilm Printlife has so many options to personalize items. You can check out their mugs, drinking bottles, cases for mobile phones and tablets, puzzles, key chains, notepads, mousepads, magnets, blankets, shirts and even baby clothing.
  5. Photo Books – Photo books are a great way to print your memories in beautifully bound books. They are the modern-day photo album and a great addition to any home.
  6. It’s Inexpensive – Walmart has some photos that start at $0.09 each! Check out prices at your local shop and choose whether you want to pick up in store or have delivered right to your door. I printed out some standard prints and put them up on a board I put by our front door. I want our kids to smile when they go out into the world each day and remember our good memories.
  7. Fujifilm Printlife Makes It So Easy – They have partnered up with so many Canadian retailers to give you the option to PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. Fujifilm Printlife makes it so easy for you to print your photos in both the traditional ways and new and innovative creations. Check out their website to start printing today.