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3 Ways to Revamp Your New Home Office

3 Ways to Revamp Your New Home Office

Author: Featured Creator

3 Ways to Revamp Your New Home Office

Over the last few months, design-minded employees all over the country have been jumping for joy as they arrange a corner of their home into a functional, aesthetically pleasing office space. Well, that’s the fantasy anyway. 


In reality, many of us are still adjusting to our home also being our workspace—that transition doesn’t always look pretty! . I love design, and yet I’m only now accepting that my humble home office might be the new norm for a while. I know I’m not alone in asking myself, “Why has it taken me six whole months to do this?” On the bright side, I’m finally excited to start the process of designing a space that is both functional and reflects who I am. A new must-do design project in my own home? Yes, please! And better late than never.

First things first though. If you’re still moving around from room to room trying to find the most comfortable, least distracting space to call your office, just pick a spot, any spot. Because it's a little less about where you're sitting and more about how you make the space your own. Here’s how I did it: 


1. Get Organized before you settle on a work space

Moving your work area from space to space can make you feel flustered and unorganized. While you get ready to choose a more permanent work space, keep in mind that you’ll need to do some organization first. To me, organization goes beyond arranging my supplies; it means organizing my thoughts as well. To do that, I created a vision board so I could clearly lay out  the things I already have and the things I need to get done, as well as what I want to accomplish while working from home. It’s a work in progress, but it's going to include small images of my favourite quotes, and it's going to have that Pinterest touch with some Instax-style prints. I already know it is going to become by far one of my favorite things to glance over at for inspiration while I’m working. 


2. Choose a Statement Piece as unique as you are

Nothing screams “my space” more than a statement piece. I mean, the point is that it makes a statement, right? My favourite kind of statement pieces are large, colourful paintings and prints: they help you efficiently utilize the space you have and not overcrowd your working area, while  brightening up your work day.We all know that paintings can be pricey, but lucky for us, a large, affordable print does the same trick. Pair it with the right frame and, voila, you’ve transformed your space!


3. Give your work space that perfect final touch

Final touches pull any space together. Whether that’s a plant on your desk, a pretty vase of pens or a silly paperweight souvenir from your last vacation. For me, no work area is complete without a desktop plaque. Whether that plaque features a picture of your pet, friends, family or significant other, it’s a great way to tie the space together as quintessentially yours. If you’d rather ditch the pictures and put your favourite quote on your plaque instead, go for it. Mine would have “Boss Lady” on it if I didn’t think my cat was so cute.