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Can I print my photos at home?


There are several home digital printing options:

  • Ink jet home printer: This isn’t an ideal option, as ink and paper costs are high, and you will need to calibrate the printer for accurate colour. However, an ink jet printer will allow you to print other types of documents and it allows you to use different kinds of paper.
  • Dye Sublimation: This type of photo printing does not produce the highest quality images, but it is less expensive than a home printer. A dye sublimination printer can only print photos and other images (not documents).
  • Laser printer: Laser printers only use document paper and are not capable of producing image quality prints. They are designed for volume at a low cost.
  • Smartphone printer: Limited in paper sizes, smartphone pinters are fun for quick sharing but they do not produce high quality images that survive over time.