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Celebrate Spring
Photos Sweepstakes

It is finally spring and that means new life is emerging all around us! This year we want to celebrate the joys of the season with our Celebrate Spring Sweepstakes!

Our task to you is simple: Capture and submit a photo that celebrates the beauty of spring and the renewal it brings!

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What is the optimal resolution for printing posters larger than 8”x10”?


The minimum resolution for an 8”x10” printed at 250 dpi (Dots per inch) would be 2000 x 2500 pixels (5MP) with a file size of approximately 3.5MB. To print larger, a higher resolution would be required. A 24MP image (4000×6000) can print as large as 16”x24” at 250 dpi with file sizes of up to 10-15MB.