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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping : When will I receive my order? How can I check the status of my order?

How do I take a high-quality photo with my smartphone?

What tools can I use to apply a proper filter to my photos?

How can I print my photos?

Why should I print my photos?

Can I make a slideshow that can be played on my TV and/or computer?

Can I print my photos at home?

What is the optimal resolution for printing posters larger than 8”x10”?

I have a number of old photos, slides, negatives and even some old movies and videos. Is there a way I can watch these on my TV or computer?

What precautions can I take to ensure my photos are not lost due to a computer error or hard drive crash?

I want to create 4"x6" prints, but a portion of my image is missing, blank or has borders. How do I make it fit? How can I crop my photos without losing the overall look?

What are the recommended file types I can work with?

I see a "Card Error", “Read Error” (or similar) message on my camera. What does this mean? Are my photos lost? How can I get them back?

What software can I use to view and edit my photos?

How can I organize all of my photos into one place on my computer?

I have many older photos, slides and negatives I'd like to get transferred to my computer. Can this be done? How?

I take a lot of my photos on my smartphone. Is there a way to organize photos on my computer?

When I take flash photos indoors there are white specks in my photo. What are they and how do I get rid of them?

How do I transfer photos from my camera to my computer?

When I put a brand new card in my camera, I get the error “Card Not Initialized”. What does this mean, and how do I correct it?

I accidentally deleted an image in my camera. How do I recover it?

Should I bring more than one memory card when I travel?

How do I unlock my MemoryUSB on a Mac computer?

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